Handheld Learning 2008 – Day Three

Upper Sugar room
Engaged, Inspired Mobile Learners

Dr. David Whyley, Learning2Go, Wolverhampton. Learnig beyond school because the devices go home with kids. are always mobile devicesout there, so bring the ‘domestic’ technology into the classroom. e-books https://istars.education.co.uk/Displaycontent.aspx?ArticleId=17 ebook readers with onscreen annotations.
smart synchronise keeping track of all devices, monitoring all screens for ‘teacher’ to view, file transfer off devices and onto controller’s computer (for homework submission), lock devices.

comfy sofa sit down and chat


falling ill

Handheld Learning 2008 – Day Two

Morning Session

gamebasedlearning 2009 – March 20th, The Brewery – www.gamebasedlearning.co.uk

Opening Address – Andrew Pinder, Chairman, Becta (bio)

Steven Berlin Johnson, Cultural Critic & Writer (bio)
lots of game mentions, lots of pictochatting, flash coughing, etc
sleeper curve

Danah Boyd, Social Media Scientist (watch vid)
nice hat, young people do the unexpected, bedroom culture, social grooming, having fun, information persistant, not as much predation online as we think, age/social barriers when kids told not to trust adults…

Laurie O’Donnell, Director of Learning and Technology, Learning & Teaching Scotland (bio)
very interesting, audience interactivity midflow

Lunch: meeting chatroom B buddies Schumi & Lia

Porter Tun: Hepper, Keri

Mike Sharples

Gaming breakout session

End of day social, free bubbly, more pictochatting