ALT-C 2009 Blog Innovation

Blog innovation
2 short paper(s)
36 Developing reflective practitioners through the use of blogs: a collaborative approach to learning communities
Alison Hramiak, Helen Boulton

  • reflective practice entry variable
  • evidence of development as professionals within transcripts
  • builds up through both placements – a definite progression seen
  • very few using blogs for teaching (these were ict teachers!!!) – sometimes firewalls were a problem in schools preventing the use of blogs
  • one who did use it with students, said that students did not find reflection easy

Inhibitors during NQT year:

  • real life
  • access
  • lack of training

103 Blog-it and they will come’: Challenges for engaging teachers and learners with wikis and blogs
Megan Warin, Jan Metcalf, Martin Edney, Mike Cameron, Steve Lyon
we are not creating learners, not creating enquirers any more… they will think what you tell them to think.
wikis are trying to shift the way that learners relate to education
students don’t necessarily agree with us about how the best way to learn is
some students don[t like everyone seeing their work, or see it as an excuse for less face-2-face teaching.
looking at academic first contact with new tech

  • academic practice
  • academic community
  • learning

good practice:

  • german language students, journals. keeping track of learning and reflecting on what went well.
  • wikis as a bank of knowledge where students can share experiences, review and critique papers
  • project management blogs – students from business course and compsci teamed up for a project, they documented their activities and shared best practice

Engage, Empower, Embed

new blog code

After ages of not posting to my former blog, I decided to migrate to some proper blog code. I am now using blogger. I threw together a template that looks mostly like my old site, to make it feel comfortable. The management tools (making posts, etc) for this is so much nicer, I might actually post more often… don’t count on it though 😉