Moodle Moot UK 2010 – Moodle Showcase

Carol Wrycraft – MidKent College

Been using Moodle assignments for 18 months, combined with using forums, wikis, glossaries, and quizzes to create a web 2.0 feel to course assessment.

Continually modified methods to suit their users.

Assignments used to be handed in on paper, returned with feedback, then work resubmitted. Admin overhead huge. Students didn’t like paper hand in. hand written comments can be hard to read for students. Students lose original work at times.

Use Moodle Advanced file upload assignment. Marking/commenting can be done with Word track changes and can even use audio feedback by attaching sound files.

With online submission students can submit from anywhere, don’t need to be on site.

Can do more exciting types of assignment submission, not just text but can submit powerpoint or audio/video files.

Online submission provides a much better audit trail.

60% of students submit outside of college hours. 33% submit between 6pm and 11:55pm.

Improved meeting of submission deadlines from 50% to 96%.

First marking takes about same amount of time as paper marking, but second marking is much faster, about 50% faster.

Supplementing Moodle with Live and Recorded Webinars – Dominik – Dyslexia Action

See slides on slideshare.

Blended e-learning, 400 students, 3 main e-courses, variety of smaller courses.

Have tried: GoToWebinar, Elluminate, Webex, Adobe Connect, and DimDim.

DimDim found to be a bit bumpy and not reliable. As DimDim and Adobe Connect use flash, it isn’t suitable where flash can not be guaranteed.

Getting audio from participating students not always reliable, no matter the tool, so mostly is presenter only speaking.

they chose GoToWebinar. Why?

  • Simple interface
  • easy screen sharing mode, remote control and collaboration
  • virtually unlimited audience
  • automatic registration system
  • international phone numbers


  • Does not have video support
  • no break out rooms
  • limited polls and quizzes
  • recording is not linked to presentation

Lessons learned:

  • it works
  • works just as well as in-person meetings/lectures
  • test many times and have a backup plan
  • explain interface to users
  • expect 30-50% attendance and 1% failure

Sharing recordings

Use,, youtube, etc

Irene – Cumbria Children’s Services

Moodle and 14-19 collaboration.

Moodle for every secondary school, over 2000 instances.

Prettification of modules using images.

Essentials: safeguarding, naming conventions, quality documentation, ongoing support

Antonella – UCL

Used meta-courses to create a generic subject module and draw in students to it from other courses.

Not entirely impressed with UCLs Moodle theme.

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