Moodle Moot UK 2010 – Closing Keynote/Plenary

Closing keynote/plenary: Philip Badman, Vice Principal Funding & Planning, Newham College

Starts by saying Newham College are not mature users on ILCT – as in they are not at the end of the road, just part way along it. One of largest FE centres, and 6th most deprived area in England. Most culturally diverse FE college, 33% born outside the  UK.

4 years ago. had technology but no pedagogical strategy. So was going nowhere.

moving forward

  • have a 3-year £8.3m ILCT plan with coroporation approval
  • with joined up information, communication, and learning strategies
  • 78 point development action plan. Supervised bi-monthly by ILCT committee.

Principles driving the strategy:

  • upgrade the network
  • modernising software
  • staff training
  • on-call responsive classroom support
  • investment
  • innovation and trialling
  • senior management buy-in
  • linked to classroom quality system (with a view to next ofsted)

Actions towards this

  • ditch their VLE
  • adopt Moodle with robust staff development
  • within a year matured moodle into an integrated VLE with mahara
  • established an elearning development centre
  • devices for all teachers
  • on-call classroom technicians
  • Audits of teachers against required ILCT competencies
  • ILCT in classroom  observation schedule
  • ICLT training towards CPD
  • surveyed student home ILCT access
  • support to student use of ILCT by study coaches
  • technology investments (IWBs in every room, etc)
  • teaching and learning innovation projects

None would have worked without buy-in by teachers, so yearly they have an Annual ILCT fair. Required CPD day for teachers. They have an ILCT Champion, called Zod (looks like a bright red morph wearing a tuxedo). Have a team of 4 e-learning advisors, 1 per faculty.

Latest quality report shows innovative use of technology in the classroom, and an increase in engagement by learners. Basis of that technology is Moodle, Mahara, and their other learning technologies.

2003 ofsted much better reports.

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