Lecture Recording Project

Back in May we announced that as part of our successful Challenge Fund bid we’d be running an investigation into low-cost, scaleable lecture recording scenarios.

Before we can begin this project we need to collect some data on lectures in general, so we’ve created a short survey.

The survey asks questions about the type of technology and content you use in lectures, and what your lecturing “style” is. These questions will help to inform the types of technology that we use in the project.

At the end of the survey is a short form which you can use to volunteer to be part of the project, so if you’d like to try out some lecture recording techniques, and have a module running in January, then remember to fill this in. We’d ideally like a good cross section of lecturers with differing levels of computer literacy, so feel free to volunteer even if you’re not comfortable with technology.

Our survey will take no more than five minutes to complete, so please help us out by filling it in now.

Google Wave

The Faculty Learning Technologists have managed to get themselves Google Wave preview accounts and have been experimenting with what Google Wave can do. We’ll report back later.

For now, if anyone else would like a Google Wave account, let us know (comment on this post) as we have quite a few invites to give away. Tell us what you’d use Google Wave for, and if you already have it, tell us what you do with it!