ALT-C 2009

ALT-C is the yearly conference of the Association of Learning Technology. It is a three day conference with a wide variety of workshops, demonstrations, and papers presented by learning technology practitioners.
There are over 50 different sessions I can attend on Tuesday alone, and I need to select 6 to attend. This is always a tricky choice. A session can range from 1 demonstration to 4 short papers. Frequently 1 very interesting paper will be in a session with other papers that don’t sound as interesting, while a different session that has an interesting paper will clash time slots. It’s a bit of a gamble, but has worked well in the past, so my fingers are crossed.
I will try to blog a little about each session I attend. It may be no more than rough notes to myself of urls for further investigation, but I will try to come back to each post and flesh it out if I have time (famous last words!).