Drowning out the builders

The builders are building a lift at work. This is a good thing… improving accessibility etc etc. What’s bad about it, is that my office wall is the only barrier between me and extremely loud drilling and bashing equipment. Insanely loud noises are driving me insane.

However I found a way to make it relatively tolerable – listen to insanely loud music. Today, my distraction of choice is http://ninremixes.com/.

Third month

Into the third month of my new job, and all is going well. I haven’t really made the time to post a blog entry, but having just installed Flock to see how it’s coming along, it was a good opportunity to test the blog editing tool in flock, and to post a mini update.

It took a few weeks, but I’ve been set up in  my new office with a new PC for a while now. I’m on the third floor, so a little tiring a climb after walking up a steep hill to work.

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