The weekend after next is a fun and busy one. There’s a festival being held in the village where I work, and as a member of staff I’ve obtained a free ticket.

Why I love cricket commentary

It’s a world of its very own, with a language that goes with it.

Harmison steams in, all arms and legs, like an Hindu deity running for a bus…and his first ball…is a ruddy wide…short and high over Ganga’s shoulder…and his second is a load of old rubbish and ends up slapping into the fine-leg fence. Hmmm…A couple outside off-stump…before another runs away for four down leg-side. Another leg-side wide and this is very ugly to watch…AND HE’S TRAPPED GANGA LBW!!! That’s Russian roulette for you, Daren, you’re bound to get your brains blown out at some stage. Smith gets an absolute jaffa second-up, the ball spitting off a length and just missing the top of off. That was one of the strangest overs I’ve ever seen.

You’ve got to love it, or else 😉