Fuel bills

Fuel bills seem to be rising all the time. But just found out that my account with my gas/electricity provider is in credit, they owe me almost £200. Yay!

More information

For the sake of fairness, I suppose I should note that new information has come to light.

Campus Watch now claim that they cut the chain of a totally different bicycle at approximately the same time as my colleagues bicycle was stolen. Also that they have been in touch with the supposed owner of the bicycle they liberated, asked for a photo of the bicycle they liberated for him, which matches the bicycle they remember liberating, and does not match my colleagues bicycle.

Oh, and all the CCTV cameras in the area – captured nothing!

How to steal a bicycle

  1. Find a nice looking bicycle on campus
  2. Visit Campus Watch (Security) and tell them you’ve forgotten the combination to the combination lock
  3. Show your student card that proves you are a foreign student in your final year of study who is about to leave the country
  4. Show the security guard where the bicycle is, and have them cut off the non-combination key-locked chain – don’t worry, they won’t notice the inconsistency of your story and the facts
  5. Cycle away

My poor colleague will now spend most of the rest of the day cursing loudly, talking to the police, making an official complaint against stupid members of security, and dealing with the University insurance.



I woke up at about 8:20 this morning to feel my bed shaking. I thought I was just jiggling my leg nervously in the semi-asleep state that i was in. At the time I thought it was a little unsettling quite how much my bed was rocking. I consciously jiggled my leg, and the bed kept wobbling – convincing me for a moment about cause and effect. I stopped jiggling my leg, and the bed stopped shaking.

After becoming more awake I thought how my bed must be close to collapse if it could move that much, and by that time I was talking online to a friend asking me if I had felt the earthquake. Phew. Nice to know my bed’s not falling to pieces!

What October brings

The first two days of October brought torrential rain, and today I stepped out of the house this morning and felt that the weather had turned significantly colder. Autumn is surely here.

Walking up the road to work this morning, I was amazed at just how many spiderwebs I could see on the hedges and trees. They were all glistening with dew, and I momentarily wished I had a camera. I soon put off this thought, as even if i had a camera, I probably wouldn’t be carrying it around, ever eager as I am to reduce weight in my bag.

Inevitable slide into decrepitude

It isn’t all that long until my next birthday. While that affords me the opportunity to consider purchasing myself a spanking new computer, I am also faced with reaching a significant decimal landmark.

In the scheme of things, thirty isn’t too old. But as a land mark, it is the first one to be reached that actually makes you stop and think “hey, I’m getting old!”. I wasn’t overly excited at reaching twenty, but as a land mark it only brings on a realisation that you are in fact a fully fledged adult. I’m sure that reaching forty is actually not that bad, after all, you’ve already hit thirty and had a whole ten years to resign yourself to the whole age thing. Fifty… that might be depressing, but I’m going to put off thought on that one – I have time.

I supppose the traditional thing to do is look back on my life, and regret things. I actually don’t think I have much in the way of regrets. I’m rather accepting of my life and where it is, and how I got here. I’m not dissapointed, and I intend to continue being happy. So.. roll on thirty, do your worst! I’m more than a match for you. Now, back to the thoughts on a new computer.